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Home is a safe haven and is the one place that people want to come back to and relax after a hectic day. Nowadays, when you open any local newspaper you will see more and more news about rising thefts and burglaries. Home security is essential and hence to keep it at its best, one needs to have proper lock systems in place throughout the entire residence.

Drake Park IA Locksmith Store offers the best, fastest and most effective lock and locksmith solutions. Despite our service quality, we are also the most affordable locksmith solutions provider in Drake Park.
Drake Park IA Locksmith Store hires the best locksmith team and is equipped with the newest and most advanced technology and tools to make sure that best-in-class services are delivered each time. Whether the work involves working with rusted door locks, installation of high security locks or even making spare keys, our locksmiths are skilled at handling a wide range of tasks and can provide a precise solution.

Mending locks

A broken lock may not seem dangerous but remember that it could turn out to be a serious security lapse and needs to be mended really soon. Many of our clients attempt to repair it by themselves only to realize that it is not working properly. Our teams of locksmiths are smart and skilled to work around any broken lock and fix it. Our locksmiths have even repaired old locks that other locksmiths would deem redundant and beyond repair. 

Key cutting services

Running back home to change and head for another meeting, you realize that you can’t find the keys. What do you do? Call us! Our emergency service van will come in and solve any key related issue like developing high security keys to creating spare keys and more

Emergency Support 

 We have faced the toughest and weirdest lock and locksmith situations. Our emergency team is available 24 hours and 365 days of the year to keep resolve such locksmith emergencies in a trice. Want to keep an old tenant from returning to your house again? Have you been locked out of your residence? No matter what the residential emergency, if you call upon Drake Park IA Locksmith Store ,we dispatch our mobile locksmith van with the right men and equipment, reach the distress location, assess the problem, and resolve the issue with excellent service quality. 

Security solutions:

Outdated locks, missing keys and rusted padlocks are all signs of deteriorating home security level. This requires immediate attention and one should not ignore these signs at any cost.

Our professional locksmiths are at your service as soon as you see these warning signs. They can replace, repair, or install new and advanced high-security locks to make your home as impregnable as a fortress.

The highpoints of our amenities include:

  • Window, mailbox, cabinet locks installation and repair
  • Key cutting services
  • Assistance in case of residential lockoutsDrake Park IA Locksmith Store, Drake Park, IA 515-318-7194
  • Fitting of advanced locks
  • 24/7 service anytime, anywhere
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Overhaul or change of locks
  • Overnight spare lock changes
  • Master key arrangements
  • Eviction services
  • Home locks rekeying
  • New entry doors installation
  • Door repairs

Drake Park IA Locksmith Store has been the leading name in providing residential locksmith services in Drake Park, IA area. We have retained the top position and have continued to do so with our top-notch services, thanks to the skills, technology and support from our team of exceptional locksmiths and technicians. You need to experience our home security solutions and our locksmith services to believe it! 

Give Drake Park IA Locksmith Store a call, and we’ll reach your residence in no time to solve your locksmith concerns!


Drake Park IA Locksmith Store, Drake Park, IA 515-318-7194